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kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Aug 24 '16, 17:45

Finally dropped out the Tranny!

seadog68 Sergeant
seadog68 Aug 25 '16, 10:37
That is a tough job without a hoist for sure.
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Aug 25 '16, 11:41
Yeah, what a pain. Now I'm going to separate the bell housing and get it welded back together. Also noticed removing it all that on the driver side there wasn't an alignment dowel for the bell housing to engine.. I think that's what is causing my issues. Also gotta replace the flywheel that's chewed up and need a new throwout bearing. This is gunna be fun.
Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Aug 26 '16, 17:48
What better time to the clutch?
Check the starter pinion gear moves in and out freely with out too much slop.
If the pinion locked to the fly wheel it would try to spin the starter at what " 100000 RPM " and cause such a malfunction
I would hate to see you get it all buttoned up and have it happen again.
Cheers keep us updated and let us know if we can help
Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Aug 26 '16, 17:52
P.S I've seen it happen ; not on a jeep, but it spit the starter out with out bolt removal :)
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Aug 27 '16, 18:14
Thanks for the feedback Arow! Which is the pinion gear?  Is that the little gear on the starter motor that pushes out and meshes with the starter gear on the flywheel? 

That's honestly my worst nightmare, getting this all buttoned up with all new parts and it blowing up again... Lol

Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Aug 28 '16, 09:45
Yes . the little gear that pops out and meshes.make sure it will unmesh when the motor starts
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Aug 29 '16, 07:04
Yeah, don't want that gear running non-stop lol. It's going to be hard to see inside once it's back together to make sure it fully disengages. Is there any tricks to checking this that you know of?
Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Aug 30 '16, 16:07
give it a try when its still out just a quick bump with the battery the gear should jump out super fast and back in super fast when stopped .
I don't now what starter is in a CJ some are push out by the cylinoid some just use enertia but either way fast out and fast in
Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Aug 30 '16, 16:12
P.S sorry for the slow responce 13 days strait at work and it looks like an other 6 days I'm a zombie right now.
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Aug 31 '16, 11:26
Yikes! Work is killing ya. Thanks! Good luck with the next 6 days!
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