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mpjeep Member
mpjeep Jul 17 '16, 12:39
Hey All, starting this thread hoping we can get some thoughts on trail runs, and/or club meetups. Maybe get some ideas on who is up for what and so on.
KippaxCrew Member
KippaxCrew Jul 17 '16, 22:31
Id love to get out with a few of the more experienced guys on some simple day runs on the weekend to stretch the jeeps legs and have some fun. As for club meetups well I can get away once in a while and if it was to be a scheduled meeting like once a month to socialize and gab then I'd be all in for sure, it would be great to get out once in a while with other jeepers and talk shop.
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Jul 18 '16, 08:27
Hey Guys, I am totally on board! Our last meet was a lot of fun. For meetups I am good with either once a month or every other week. Looking forward to your other thoughts. I was actually thinking maybe we could all meet at the Parkview center and I can ask them if we can use their BBQ and make it a lunch thing.

For trail runs, I'm down but I'll have to be a TB until I fix my bell housing.

mpjeep Member
mpjeep Jul 19 '16, 11:34
Same here, good on monthly, or bi-weekly meets.  Actually curios if anyone has built or added anything since last meet too.  Nice being around people sharing the same passions, and having the same "I can build that" attitude.  

Shame about the housing, did something hit it, or just from starter torque?

Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Jul 19 '16, 19:06
Count me in.
Let us know if we can help get the old girls bells ringing again. :)
My neighbor just dragged home a 1995 , that i don't think will hit the road or trail again.
But I think alot of parts will inter change with yours ?
I'll help turn wrenches and get dirty if you need an extra set of hands.
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Jul 21 '16, 07:28
Thanks guys for the offers! I do not know for certain why it broke until I can take it apart and investigate a bit more. But I think it may be because of bad starter spacing or a bad ring gear.. time will tell I guess lol. 

When do we all want to schedule the next meet and/or trail run? Perhaps July 30?

mpjeep Member
mpjeep Jul 22 '16, 14:55
Not sure if the 30th will be good for me, but the rest of the weekend should be clear.

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