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kurplunk Prez
kurplunk May 30 '16, 07:48
Jedward and I went to the OF4wd Newbie run and learned lots! It was the fist ever run for Jedward, so it was a great simple little course. It could have been a little more scenic with some more rocks, but still a nice day overall.

Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Jun 2 '16, 18:05
That's funny we were there as well in room # 2
We went on the in between run with Ray & Angie.
We got in too deep and had to turn around and pull each other out .
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Jun 2 '16, 18:39
Oh nice, so you were on the level 3 trail then? We went with CC and the other guy with the blue TJ.
KippaxCrew Member
KippaxCrew Jun 3 '16, 23:26
I wanted to go on the newbie run but was too late to get in so now I'm considering the 2016 Camp NL weekend in Aug or possbily the newbie run in Sept  just not sure If I want to drop that kind of coin for the NL weekend.

How was the Newbie run?? What were some of the high lights of it?

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kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Jun 4 '16, 07:06
The newbie run was pretty good, we did the most beginner version. It was my first time out this year and Jedwards first ever offroading in his jeep. I thought the trail could have been more scenic, but there was still some nice hills/declines, and some shallow water crossings. We had a group of like 15 jeeps, which I think is too many to really enjoy it as much and take your time. I don't like to rush through the trails lol. I also ended up overheating my CJ - silly me forgot to turn on my manual fan.. so that was a highlight for me haha

I wanted to do campNL, but it got trumped because my sister is getting married that weekend.

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Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Jun 5 '16, 17:39
dash cam of coming back out after the turn around I got pulled out and I pulled the next out and so on and so on :)
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Jun 6 '16, 18:59
You should post your dash cam video on here Arow! We wanna watch it!
Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Jun 10 '16, 16:05
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