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seadog68 Sergeant
seadog68 Aug 12 '16, 09:52
Allright everyone
Lets talk bout the next run.

We need to figure out who wants to go and what they will be driving

A run to Long Lake is fine all the way down to stock.

If we want to hit the barn trail, that can be done stock. but will almost certainly result in damage to your vehicle. A moderate lift and 33's would be better. No need for lockers, but you will be towed out of a few places.

There is usually a few peeps heading out to Ardbeg for the CDN Thanksgiving. That can also be done stock for the most part...But is not recommended.

lets see who is up and go from there.
KippaxCrew Member
KippaxCrew Aug 12 '16, 23:27
Ok well Ive never been to Long Lake is it the one out past Peterborough?
mpjeep Member
mpjeep Aug 15 '16, 11:22
I'm stock height with 33's, right now just waiting to get the front end leveled off.

Any ideas for dates? So far, I'm open.

Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Aug 15 '16, 20:19
She's in the shop as I type
2" mopar lift and she's on 33"
hoping it will be ready tomorrow
hard to make plans with out a jeep :(
Dusty8ball Member
Dusty8ball Aug 15 '16, 21:26
I'm in if the date works out as I work every other weekend.
seadog68 Sergeant
seadog68 Aug 16 '16, 10:03
Date would likely be in Sept.
Long Lake is up in Orillia
Looks like that would be the trail to do.
We can do The first half of The Barn Trail, but it gets sketchy at the back.

Lets see if anyone else is up and we can start to circle in on a date
KippaxCrew Member
KippaxCrew Aug 17 '16, 05:12
OK I'm still riding at stock height here but provided my foot is still on the mend I should be able to make it out any time in Sept except Sept 17th im trying to get in on the Newbie run out in Minden as I type this since I was too late on the last three. Other then that day I should be good.
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Aug 17 '16, 14:39
I'll see if Jedward is in.. My CJ is still in peices.. But my sisters wedding is finally over now, so I can finally spend some time on it.
mpjeep Member
mpjeep Aug 17 '16, 22:45
I'm liking september, it will also give me some time to throw in spacers in the front to get leveled off, and fix my CB wiring.

looking forward to getting some trail wheelin!!!

seadog68 Sergeant
seadog68 Aug 22 '16, 09:42
We can always just set a date in September. And run trails that fit our group.

I am doing Greens on September 11
And will be away the first weekend in Sept.

So that leaves

Sept 10,17,24
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Aug 24 '16, 07:36
September sounds good with me, I hope I might have my jeep on the trail! Got the transmission pulled last weekend. 
Arow1100 Commander
Arow1100 Aug 30 '16, 17:55
I'm hoping work will ease off by the 10th so hopefully I'll be open after that I want to give the lift a good test. The little bit I've done so far it makes a good diference
Just remember she's my daily driver :)
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Dusty8ball Member
Dusty8ball Sep 2 '16, 03:38
Sorry guys can't do the 10th. Enjoy!
seadog68 Sergeant
seadog68 Sep 2 '16, 09:23
How about the 17TH
kurplunk Prez
kurplunk Sep 3 '16, 07:58
I can go, but will need to be a TB while I wait for parts to arrive.
mpjeep Member
mpjeep Sep 7 '16, 12:45
Hey all, we still planning a run on the 10th? or pushing to the 17th to get more drivers?

seadog68 Sergeant
seadog68 Sep 8 '16, 19:44
The is likely out, we may just have to pick a date and let the chips fall where they may
mpjeep Member
mpjeep Sep 13 '16, 17:43
Not sure if going to make it for this weekend, if it is still open, trying to fix a coolant leak.
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